Take a trip down Memory Lane....

Recall all the music, politics, technology, inventions and life as we lived it... through the 1940s,'50s '60s, '70s and beyond!

Coming Soon! The most important book that you've been waiting for! A book about the Baby Boomer Generation. You won't be able to put it down once you start flipping through the pages. It's historic. It's nostaligic. It's photo- filled... and it will bring back a flood of memories. In fact, it's a must-read for all generations.

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The first and only in-depth portrait of the baby boomers from birth through the present will captivate you with words and pictures. The authors reached out, interviewing baby boomers and experts to get a look into what real life has been like in the six-plus decades since this generation began impacting everything it touched.

Sure, we collected marbles and played with cap guns and Ginny dolls, but life was not all hula hoops and Howdy Doody. Most of us were not raised in an Ozzie and Harriet world although we would like to remember our childhoods that way.

History, nostalgia, photographs, and investigative journalism come together in a compelling testimonial to the truth about life in each decade. Anyone who is growing up or grew up, in any time or place, will find this book valuable and fascinating reading. Learn about 65 Years Growing Up Baby Boomer from the people who were there.

Nostalgia makes us happy.

It reminds us of simpler innocent times when we were younger and also makes us feel more connected to others who share similar memories. Please go back in time with us and be a kid again, if only for a moment.

Remembering virgin pins, white pleated skirts, d.a. haircuts, dungarees, pop beads, ID bracelets, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, playing potsy, jacks, red light green light, stickball, voting for Miss Reingold, baby oil & iodine as sun tan oil, the Beatles at Shea Stadium, Elvis on Ed Sullivan, Fury, Ding Dong School, Annette, Cubby and Karen, kilt wrap skirts with decorative safety pins, pop beads, saddle shoes, the artichoke, beehive, and bubble hair styles, Carmen & Yvette & Justine & Bob, Splendor In The Grass, Mary Hartline, Ginny dolls, transistor radios, Nancy Drew, Robby Robot, Easy Bake ovens, slinkys, jingle jump, Ouija boards, Bazooka bubble gum, Archie Comics, air raid drills, dep and hair wax, press-on nail polish & peel-off eyeliner, pettipants, sack and chemise dresses, I.D. bracelets, rings on neck chains, white bucks, cap guns & air rifles, teacup monkeys advertised in the backs of comic books, Silhouettes, Winky Dink, Froggie The Gremlin, Rootie Kazootie, Goin' To The Chapel, Soldier Boy, Mr. Lee, Dr. Jonas Salk, and Dr. Timothy Leary, banlon men’s shirts, white go-go boots, topless swimsuits, fake ID's, Twiggy, copper POW bracelets, elephant bell bottoms and stove-pipe pants, gauze dresses and head wraps, poison rings, love beads, sit-ins and be-ins, Woodstock, leisure suits, platform shoes, jumpsuits, torn sweatshirts, shoulder pads, and a trillion more memories.

When NY had three baseball teams!

...for me, what happened in the 1955 World Series is something that I’ll never forget. I rooted for the down-to-earth, blue collar, wise-cracking Brooklyn Dodgers, nicknamed The Brooklyn Bums. They were playing the NY Yankees, the pin-striped royalty of baseball, a team that they could never beat previously in 5 World Series attempts starting in 1941.

The Yankees, with their winning legacy, had the superstars: first Ruth, then Gehrig, then DiMaggio, and now Mickey Mantle. The Dodgers, with Duke Snider (The Duke), managed to be tied 3 games to 3 in this 7 game series. They needed to win one game to not only win their first World Series, but, unlikely as it seemed at the time, conquer their NY rival- the Yankees.

The manager for the Dodgers, Walt Alston, had used up his entire pitching staff to get to this exciting one game showdown, and decided to start at pitcher a rookie named Johnny Podres. Johnny proved Walt a genius as he calmly shut out the Yankees.

There was dancing in the streets of Brooklyn, not to mention Richmond Court, East Meadow, Long Island, as I ran out of my neighbor’s house where I had been watching- 8 years old- and screaming like a lunatic. As an added plus, it was the first time I watched TV in color so the ambiance of the green grass, blue sky, and the colorful uniforms dazzled me and made me the most excited I had been about anything up to that point. Certainly, watching the 1955 World Series was one of the greatest things I have ever experienced.

Excerpted from the Sports Through The Decades Bottomlined chapter by Alan Martin

Everyone has a story. This is ours.

Come aboard our time machine and prepare for a ride down memory lane- from the infancy of the baby boom in the late 1940's, spurring suburban housing built in the shadows of major cities- communities created from rows of farm crops transformed into rows of ranches and split-levels, seemingly overnight. Spawned from parents who were usually 1st or 2nd generation Americans, our ride was from playing ball in the streets, bicycle races, potsy and jacks; transistor radios our constant companions; from air-raid drills and bomb shelter; from the start of rock and roll radio, Spin The Bottle and 7 Minutes In Heaven; from the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, the Vietnam War, through sit-ins and be-ins, free love...all the way to where we baby boomers are today.

Our voices are not one voice. Our paths, memories and perspectives differed... but collectively we made a contribution to a generation... our generation, and changed history in the process. Share the OMG moments, the highs and lows, and the unspoken secrets of growing up baby boomer. Before computers, email & im's, before video games & cd's, before Prozac, before the Civil Rights Movement, the Equal Rights Movement, and Gay Pride, and around the same time TV was born, so were we. About 79 million baby boomers. Everyone has a story. This is ours.


Once Upon Our Times